Weather in Wikieup AZ

Wikieup temperatures can be from 40 to 110 Fahrenheit. Always prepare to have water and food when traveling through the desert in Arizona. During the summer months Wikieup can get some monsoon weather. The roads are well built to travel between Phoenix and Las Vegas but slow it down when traveling if rain occurs.

If you get tired there are RV rentals in Wikieup at the Hidden Desert Oasis RV Park. Call for details. Even though there are other RV Parks in Wikieup, they don’t have shade and the upgraded electrical connections (30, 50, 110) that are needed by many RVs. 

Traveling Items when in the Desert

Cooling Towels

* Water


Come by and get some pie, sub sandwiches, or just take a break at the Cool Water Cafe in Wikieup AZ.

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