Wikieup Homemade Pie

Brenda and Tanya’s homemade pie is the best tasting pie in Wikieup. Made from all scratch and fresh ingredients. You can sit in the Cool Water Cafe or outside near the Hidden Oasis Waterfall. A cup of coffee and sandwich makes a great combination.

A variety of pies are made at the Cool Water Cafe including apple, peach, strawberry rhubarb and triple berry to name a few. All pies are homemade, made from fresh ingredients.

The crust is made from Grandma’s recipe, flaky and delicious. Some say it’s the best part of the pie. 

Cool Water Cafe

The Cool Water Cafe is located in Wikieup Arizona. Make sure you stop by to get some cool water, dessert, and take a break from driving. Truckers welcome! We are located at 17653 US-93, Wikieup, Arizona 85360
Wikieup Arizona Speed is 45 Miles an Hour.

Look for the sign below. When you see the speed limit sign of 45 miles per hour then look for our signs! Mile Marker 123. We are in the North side of Wikieup.

Try Our Homemade Pie!

Pie Where?

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